About Us

FLIP stands for Fantasy League In Play.

BANTER_0011_Winner!It’s a revolutionary new way of demonstrating your superior football knowledge – by playing fantasy football in real-time. If you love watching football, you’ve just found your perfect match companion.

The game is simple. You choose a 6 man team for any live match, and your selected players are awarded or deducted points in real-time based on their performance. Your aim is to trounce your opponent by demonstrating superior management skills, making tactical substitutions and generating the highest possible score over 90 minutes. The winner takes the glory and picks the pocket of the loser for his FLIP coins.


  • IT’S FREE TO DOWNLOAD: We flipping love this game and just had to share it.
  • IT’S SIMPLE: Set up and challenge someone in less than a minute. Literally a monkey could play this game. And I’m not talking about one of the circus ones.
  • IT’S LIVE: Play during any Premier League and Champions League fixture. You’ll never endure a boring nil-nil again.
  • SHAME YOUR FRIENDS: This may be the best app for getting one over on a “football friend”. Show off your football genius and then tell EVERYONE you know about it.
  • LEAGUES OF YOUR OWN: Battle head to head or in private and public leagues and rise up the ranks of football’s managerial elite.
  • BANTER: Share your deepest and most cherished opinions with anyone that will listen in the Live Chat function.
  • MORE STATS THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A STICK AT: Actual stats from actual companies with actual data.