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Mourinho’s Pre-Season Mind Games

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The season’s still a week away, yet Mourinho is already firing shots as part of his pre-season mind game training with digs at both Rafa Benitez’s wife and potential title contenders, Arsenal.

Earlier in the week Mourinho had a pop at Benitez’s wife after she reportedly claimed her husband had been busy cleaning up Mourinho’s mess at Real Madrid. Pulling no punches, Mourinho was quick to respond: “The only club where her husband replaced me was at Inter Milan, where in six months he destroyed the best team in Europe at the time.” Not content with that, Mourinho went on to throw in a text book fat gag by insisting she’d have less time to have a go at him if she focussed on getting her husband’s gut into shape.

And to turn up the heat ahead of Chelsea’s clash with Arsenal in the Community Shield this weekend, Mourinho did not waste the opportunity to get straight back into the mind games with Arsene Wenger.


Asked whether he felt it was inevitable Wenger would eventually overcome a Mourinho team after 13 unsuccessful attempts, he nonchalantly dismissed the record: ”Who knows? I’ve never made a special thing about wins over Arsenal. I don’t explode with happiness when I beat them, and I won’t make drama when lose.

Time will tell whether Mourinho’s dismissal of Arsenal as a serious threat will come back to haunt him this season. One thing’s for sure though, Mourinho’s physcological A-Game is in fine shape heading into the Premier League campaign and we’re looking forward to plenty more gems from here on in.

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